Strengthening Health System Responses to Gender-based Violence in Eastern Europe and Central Asia

A resource package

Training Programme for Health Care Providers

Examination and documentation of sexual violence

The documentation of sexual violence shall ideally be done by gynecologists and forensic experts trained on GBV. However, if it´s not guaranteed that the survivor will have access to a sensitized gynecologist or forensic expert, this part of the training is also relevant for general health care providers. It is crucially important to document the injuries immediately after the incident. Below you find the documentation template developed by the WHO for documenting sexual violence.

The consequences of GBV on children

The societal effects of gender based violence are often understood better when looking at the effects of the violence on children. Discussing the controversial issue of child custody might be a good start before discussing the overlap between violence against women and children. In the bottom of this page you find a handout on the details of possible effects of violence on the development of children.

A common argument in child custody cases is: Children need their father, even if he is a batterer. Some abusers are good fathers and should have joint custody of their children.

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