Strengthening Health System Responses to Gender-based Violence in Eastern Europe and Central Asia

A resource package

1. Introduction and getting to know each other

1.1        Outline of the module

Duration of the module

45 minutes

Aim of the module

  • To provide participants with an outlook to the training (objectives, modules/themes covered)
  • To enable the group to get to know each other and to build an atmosphere of trust
  • To “break the ice” by giving each participant the opportunity to speak in front of the group in an informal setting

Main elements of the module and methods used

  • Introduction by the trainer
  • Presentation by the trainer: outlook to the training session (objectives, schedule, breaks, modules/themes covered; PPT slides 1-6)
  • Group exercise: Exercise 1: Introduce the partner

Notes for trainers

Trainers should adapt the PPT for this module in line with the time available for the training and the modules covered.

Exercise: Introduce the partner (30 minutes)
Ask the group to get together in pairs of two and to ask the partner about his/her name, current profession and workplace, and professional experience. Depending on the setting you may want to add one question asking for slightly personal information, such as the person’s favourite dish, the last movie she/he has seen, or an adjective starting with first letter of the person’s first name that describes her/him best (such as “alert” for Anna or “energetic” for Eva). Write the questions on a flip chart or add them to the PPT. Allow 5 minutes for exchanging this information. Then, participants get together as a group and every participant introduces the partner.

Materials for training session

Presentation: PowerPoint presentation Module 1 ( download it at the end of the page)