Strengthening Health System Responses to Gender-based Violence in Eastern Europe and Central Asia

A resource package

Training Modules

About this training programme

The training module is designed to provide the information needed for changes both in the practice of individual professionals dealing with survivors of gender based violence as well as institutional changes. These module provides you with selected topics, theory, exercises and handouts as well as powerpoint presentations that can be used for such a training. It is sub-divided into 10 modules.

Module 1 is an introdution which helps the training participants to know each others
Module 2 explains facts on GBV. It helps participants to really understand GBV, its causes and consequences on women’s health as well as to understand the dynamics of GBV in intimate partner relationships
Module 3 examines the roles of the health systems in the response to GBV
Module 4 discusses the principles and the standards which have to be applied in a service provision
Module 5 helps the training participants to identify and understand the signs of GBV
Module 6 explains the different medical examination and care that need to be done in case of GBV
Module 7 includes the importance of the documentation by the health practionners in case of GBV
Module 8 identifies risk factors to assess a situation of violence and to undertake appropriate measures for safety management.
Modules 9 discusses the importance of identifying any service available to the survivors of violence in the region in order to make referrals.
Modules 10 is the evaluation and the closing of the training. It concludes a training evaluation questionnaire